Privacy Policy: We keep your information safe

In this text, we are committed to clearly describing our privacy policy as well as the ways we use it to safeguard it. At the same time, these terms describe your rights as users of this site.


This site does not offer real money casino games. All games on this site are for entertainment purposes only. Our goal is to provide you with the most accurate information, however, we are not responsible for any loss or damage that may be caused by misinterpretation of information from this site. All displayed information is of an educational nature only.

Personal information

All information collected by this site is kept safe and is under no circumstances shared with third parties. Inside your company, your information is shared only with those who have to work with it. Under no circumstances will your information be sold or handed over to casinos or other companies without your clear consent.

Use your data

Some personal information is collected to ensure the best possible experience on our site. We only send informative and useful emails to the forwarded information. We also use this information for the sake of analysis to improve our content, deliver relevant ads, and improve sites for our users and community.

Your rights

As a user, you have full authority over your personal information. At your request, we may restrict, discontinue or use your personal data from our database. If you wish to delete your information, you can send us an email asking them to delete it.